Hi Friends
As you may have seen from my introduction I'm very new and have only been practicing Buddhism for about 8 months although there has been a lingering interest for many years.
My question is;
What else could I be doing to strengthen/deepen/better/improve add more value to my practice. (I wasn't sure which word to use so I used all of them). I practice Zazen for 20 minutes most days, I read Buddhim books and have begun to watch the sit along videos, I do Metta practice before and after Zazen and have been trying nurturing seed practice. I am mindful of trying to be mindful, as I run and cycle alot these are great opportunities for being mindful, concentrating on breathing, heart rate, stride or cadence, not thinking of how far you've been or got to go.
In fact this morning whilst cycling I spent most of the time looking at the reflection of the sky in the wet black front tyre, the tyre was spinning but the sky stayed completely still.
Anyway what do you think are there any little things I could be doing throughout the day to keep me in the "zone"?
With gratitude