Hi there,

first of all hello to everyone, this is my first post!

I've been sitting for quite some years now but there's one thing I never really "got" and while sitting it actually doesn't really matter or bother me but when thinking about it logically this is a question I have and I wonder what you think about it.

When we sit in Zazen we let go of thoughts, images, preferences etc...just letting this all go. So far so good...but at the end issn't this "letting go" also a preference, the preference/idea/thought to "let go"? In other words there's still "someone", a observer or whatever who notices stuff and then let's go of it...

Shouldn't one also let go of that intention to let go? Otherwise you're still somehow "playing games in your head" right?

But then if you do...you'd end up sitting there like a stone I guess. But still this contradiction for me seems to be a bit impure. Of course while sitting we let go of that idea that's it's impure shikantaza, too and voila!

But still I'd be interested in your thoughts about this