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Thread: WE QUIT!

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    WE QUIT!


    The Treeleaf teaparty has been an ongoing thing here on Treeleaf with a great many people passing through.
    We have now started a revising process, in response to all the feedback, making it more accessible to people, and so we quit doing it the old ways...

    Starting this Sunday, there will be a new format and an update of things on the Treeleaf teaparty, and this is how its going to be.

    We start each teaparty with a ceremony, as always, and then we discuss matters of practice, and let each person have a say in whatever matter they want to bring up before moving on to more casual talkings.

    Starting this sunday, we will also be hosting a once-a-month monthly Treeleaf beginners mind teaparty, where people new to Treeleaf and/or the teaparty, or anyone else that doesn't feel comfortable with the Treeleaf teaparty settings can come, sit down and discuss things.

    The format of this Treeleaf beginners mind teaparty is much the same as the regular teaparty.
    Treeleaf beginners mind teaparty will begin an hour earlier than the Treeleaf teaparty making it possible for those attending to continue on to the Treeleaf teaparty.

    Gassho and Mtfbwy
    Shohei & Fugen

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    Re: WE QUIT!

    Hey guys,

    Nice way to get folks attention. A+ all the way! :lol:


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    Re: WE QUIT!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dosho
    Hey guys,

    Nice way to get folks attention. A+ all the way! :lol:

    yeah they did the same thing on FaceBook. I thought it was another soap opera in the works.

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    Re: WE QUIT!

    Got my attention! Ha....I will have to join one of these someday.

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    Re: WE QUIT!

    Well done . Wonderful initiative!

    gassho to Shohei and Fugen


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    Re: WE QUIT!

    Three thumbs up! Oh wait, I've only got two. Ok, my daughter just lent me hers. Four thumbs up! And my ADD meds aren't working yet.


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    Re: WE QUIT!

    ha ha ha ha great title!!!! I think it sounds wonderful....hope to see you all sunday

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