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Thread: Sit-A-Long RSS FEED

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    Sit-A-Long RSS FEED


    Taigu and I realized that there was no RSS feed (for automatic notification of a posting) possible for posting the 'Sit-a-Longs' here in the Forum only, so we will also be posting on the Treeleaf "Sit-A-Long" blog TOO! ... ... and-taigu/

    ... which allows signing up for RSS and other automatic notifications. Scroll down the righthand column until you see:

    Subscribe to this blog's feed

    or follow this link ... ... u/atom.xml

    If you are using Chrome, you will need to register using another browser for some reason. We will continue posting the "Sit-a-Longs" in this Forum too for now.

    Thank you to Shohei for all your hard work in setting this up.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Sit-A-Long RSS FEED

    Thanks Jundo and Shohei! Like to have this on my iGoogle page so every time I go online it shows up and serves as a nice reminder!


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