Dosho asks about these moments of understanding, these intuitions-realisations:?How quickly should he be dropped?

How long does maintain the idea of a door or a gate after getting through? Why do you think this is called gateless gate? For ultimately you are the gate and door in sheer motion-action. What needs to be cultivated is the empty field in which it arises, not what arises. Cultivating practice not thoughts about practice. These are nevertheless good old signs. As we move on we swallow them back into a single breath, a single moment. That's all.
One more thing, practice is to invite the realized universe to come forward, not to throw the deluded self at sentient beings (loose interpreation of Dogen 's genjokoan...?In other words, awakening is not ours. It cannot be owned. As long as there is the slightest trace of self, it is another ball game.
As written in the Hokyo zanmai:

Like facing a precious mirror; form and reflection behold each other.
You are not it, but in truth it is you.
Like a newborn child, it is fully endowed with five aspects:
No going, no coming, no arising, no abiding