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Thread: On Today's Practice

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    On Today's Practice

    Not waiting,
    Just sitting.

    Every cell aware,Breathing in, breathing out,
    Every cell,
    Reacts to stimulii.

    A bell tolls,
    A clock ticks, a siren wails,
    a bird sings, A leaf rustles.

    Everything feels right,
    There'll be no need to heat this season.
    The universe provides all that's required.

    A mallet tap,
    Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap,tap,tap,
    The resounding echoes persist
    In the halls of memory.

    Two bells signal return;
    Ancient knees respond.
    A flute sounds.

    A heart beat;
    Lub dub, Lub dub,
    Mind stream returns;

    Puraka, rechaka


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    Re: On Today's Practice


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    Re: On Today's Practice


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    Re: On Today's Practice

    If a Syncronized Swimmer drowns, do the others follow?

    Is it not interesting how ego gets hung up on words?

    Let's be truthful since we are discussing un-truth; god, allah, yaweh, jehovah, braman, self, non-self, emptiness, nothingness all refer to the same phenomenon.
    If one makes a distinction one falls into the same trap of xenophobia that incites demonstrations, riots and eventually wars.

    The Tao that can be told
    is not the universal Tao.
    The name that can be named
    Is not the universal name.

    In the infancy of the universe,
    there were no names.
    Naming fragments the mysteries of life
    into ten thousand things and their manifestations.
    There is a fellow in Australia who with his colleague claim that everything is simply wave motion in space.
    What we experience is the collisions of energy waves. Who or what can tell how long it takes to break down 'old' thinking?

    Descartes stated, "Cogito ergo sum." I like to think the reverse is true; "I am therefore I think."

    Isn't the real question, "Who am I?"
    If I am a spark of life energy that flashes in universal time, Am I still the same bundle of energy that was concieved in my mother's womb and will last until I reach nirvana? Isn't the universe continually subjected to change?
    Am I simply the persistence of memory that extends from the past and projects into the future?

    If Americans throw rice at weddings, do Orientals throw hot dogs?

    If olive oil is made from olives and corn oil from corn, where do we get baby oil?

    How long will we be subjected to these lies?

    This could go on ad infinitum BUT,
    (Did you) Ever notice how a train of thought eventually pulls into the station of Ridiculous?

    "I want to say without hesitation that the purpose of our life is happiness."
    - His Holiness the Dalai Lama
    And this is from a guy who has confessed to killing the odd mosquito.

    Like the song says, "Don't worry, Be Happy."


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    Re: On Today's Practice

    Thank you very much Richard for your contribution to Treeleaf and your subtle sharing-teaching.


    A simple wave among many other waves


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    Re: On Today's Practice

    We do sit together as one

    Neither here nor out there,
    Neither then and not now;
    We do sit together as one.

    Whether the computers connect,
    Whether we see our reflections,
    We do sit together as one.

    The universe revolves,
    Whether in and not out.
    Our sun always shines
    Whether we see it or not;
    We do sit together as one.


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    Re: On Today's Practice

    May all beings be happy, healthy, free from suffering, peaceful and safe

    Like Dorothy in the Land of Oz
    Click your heels and repeat,
    There's no place else to be.
    There's no place else to be.

    The clicking of the clock
    Blends with the cooling fan in the computer tower,
    The purring of the cat on the mat before you;
    The Aum of the Universe.

    On our left foot are five toes,
    In our right hand is Buddha,
    There is a burning desire to protect it all;
    It is raining compassion.

    Ware tada tarui wo shiru;
    Total sufficiency.
    Om mani padme hum;
    The jewel and the beauty of the lotus is within all.

    May we all experience the grace,
    May we all be thankful for the gifts,
    Be still. We are not alone.


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    Re: On Today's Practice

    Lao Tzu wrote:
    Break into the peace within,
    Hold attention in stillness,
    And in the world outside
    You will ably master the ten thousand things.

    All things rise and flourish
    Then go back to their roots.
    Seeing this return brings true rest,
    Where you discover who you really are.
    Knowing who you are, you will find the constant.
    Those who lack harmony with the constant court danger,
    But those who have it gain new vision.

    They act with compassion;
    within themselves they can find room for everything.
    Having room, they rule themselves and lead others wisely.
    Being wise they live in accordance
    with the nature of things.
    Emptied of self and one with nature, They become filled with the Tao.
    The Tao endures forever.
    For those who have attained harmony with the Tao
    will never lose it,
    Even if they bodies die.
    Even so, there is never room for hatred, ignorance or greed; let alone anger.
    The mystical moments, deja vue, the coincidences, the harmony are all part of the magic.
    Be thankful;
    Dance and enjoy the music, these moments will never come again.

    May this offering bring peace to all sentient beings.
    May our thoughts and meditations contribute to the harmony to the universe.
    And, may all hearts and minds be opened to the Present.

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    Re: On Today's Practice

    Egos dancing in the glow of the present
    Moment by moment which doesn't exist
    Time is a construct
    A trap we fall into
    Where did the Merriweathers get their gazebo

    Egos dancing in the glow of owernership
    I want it, I need it, I like it
    How easily convinced
    The drama goes on
    What luscious curves attract the libido

    Egos dancing in the glow of erotica
    Isn't she handsome, isn't he pretty
    Likes and dislikes
    All are the same
    Should we consider the distinction a game

    Egos dancing in the glow of equanimity
    Our lives are a whirlwind
    Caught in three times
    Oh, for the stillness
    That brings monster time to its knees

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