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    An ordinary day.
    Nothing to report.

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    Re: Ordinary

    Don't you just love those days? That is really what life is made up of...ordinary days with nothing to report. It seems that too often we hope that by surrounding ourselves with facebooks, twitter, chatrooms, blogs and fora of various sorts, not to mention the ubiquitous cellphone strapped to our waist, or purse or pocket, that the "ordinary" day will become extraordinary. We hope that someone else will see our day as extraordinary. Really! Am I that important that the world needs to know what I ate for breakfast!? :shock:

    Ah, the ordinary days! The days wherein the Sun rises and sets and we haven't written that best selling novel, or won the sweepstakes or reached nirvana. The ordinary day when here more leaves will fall, the cats will sleep on the patio in the afternoon sun and the newspaper shall be read over a cup of coffee and toast.

    Ah,...the ordinary day. Ah,....ordinary life! Thank you Soendoshin.


    Seinshin Kyrill

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    Re: Ordinary

    ...ordinary smile :lol:

    Thank you both!

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    Re: Ordinary

    Hello all,

    Such a lovely post! I haven't been able to stop thinking about this since last evening. It was odd yesterday, both my husband and myself thought for sure that today was Friday.

    Friday is garbage day, so my husband diligently rolled the trash out to the driveway. I was so happy getting my work things ready for Friday - it is casual and we wear blue jeans. I even did my happy Friday dance for my kids, when my little one said, "Mom, isn't tomorrow Thursday?" I stopped and my husband looked at me and we said, "oh crap." I can't believe how the feeling of let down hit me like that - like it is such a bad thing that today isn't Friday. Silly isn't it?

    So today, I'm picking my self/nonself :wink: up and ready to enjoy my particularly, ordinary Thursday. Getting on with grading papers, helping 6th graders, cooking and cleaning, homework with my boys, and the never ending ironing. Guess my happy dance will have to wait until tomorrow . Cheers!!

    humble bows,

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    Re: Ordinary

    hi Kelly, Jinyu, Kyrill, Soendoshin etal.;

    Isn't it strange how "everybody" (they) is waiting for the week-end? {Oops, did I just hear a song title go by ops: ?]

    gassho, richard

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    Re: Ordinary

    I dont even think people expect their lives to become better by these gimmicks, its just "distraction" from the ordinary,
    the hope to escape or - as Richards expresses - to make it to the weekend (stuffed full with bigger distractions).

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