Thank you to all who provided comment on changing the time for our Zazenkai netcast.

OUR WEEKLY 'ZAZENKAI' will MOVE to the following times from this week:

__________________________________________________ ____________

the weekly 90-minute Zazenkai will be ...

... from 9am - 10:30am Japan time Saturday morning (that is New York 8pm - 9:30pm, Los Angeles 5pm to 6:30pm (Friday night), London 1am to 2:30am and Paris 2am to 3:30am (early Saturday morning))

__________________________________________________ ____________

The monthly 4-hour Zazenkai on the first Saturday of the month will be ...

... 8am to noon Japan time Saturday (that is New York 7pm to 11pm, Los Angeles 4pm to 8pm (Friday night), London midnight to 4am and Paris 1am to 5am (early Saturday morning))

__________________________________________________ ____________

As always, an "ANY TIME, ON DEMAND" recorded version will be posted immediately thereafter.

Thank you to everyone who will sit-a-long.

Gassho, Jundo