Hi All,

I would like the input of all regular sitters with our weekly Zazenkai (which, by the way, SHOULD BE THE WHOLE SANGHA ... MUCH FINGER WAGGING IN YOUR DIRECTION IF YOU DON'T!!! :twisted: )

In order to attract more local Japanese folks to come to our sittings (it is very hard to get people to come so very late at night here on a Saturday under the current schedule) ... and because my Saturday and Sunday evenings are no longer as open as in the past due to other obligations meaning that it is difficult for me to have a Saturday evening sitting ... I WOULD LIKE TO MOVE THE TIMES FOR OUR WEEKLY 90-Minute and 4-HOUR ZAZENKAIS MORE OR LESS 13 HOURS EARLIER.

HOWEVER, that will mean that a lot more people ... especially in Europe ... will have to sit with the "ANY TIME, ON DEMAND" recorded version.

For example, the weekly 90-minute Zazenkai would be (if held now) ...

... from 9am - 10:30am Japan time Saturday morning (that is New York 8pm - 9:30pm, Los Angeles 5pm to 6:30pm (Friday night), London 1am to 2:30am and Paris 2am to 3:30am (early Saturday morning))

The monthly 4-hour Zazenkai on the first Saturday of the month would be ...

... 8am to noon Japan time Saturday (that is New York 7pm to 11pm, Los Angeles 4pm to 8pm (Friday night), London midnight to 4am and Paris 1am to 5am (early Saturday morning))

There is another Zen group here that meets on some Sunday mornings, and I do not want to interfere with their sittings by scheduling at the same time. Thus, I really must do this on Saturday morning, Japan time.

As I said, this would mean that more people would have to be comfortable with sitting with the "on demand" version. On the other hand, our sitting companions here in Japan will be many more.

I feel that we are mature enough now, and experienced in sitting, such that folks are comfortable with sitting with the on demand version.

Gassho, Jundo