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Thread: Amongst White Clouds

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    Amongst White Clouds

    Good afternoon, friends!

    Spending the day digging through the "bargain basement" of information we call the internet, I return with a gem!

    This is Amongst White Clouds, a documentary about Chinese Buddhist hermits.

    "...the key to this is sitting meditation.
    After sitting, you lay down to sleep.
    Wake up in the morning, sit some more."

    Sounds familiar, no? 8)

    Enjoy if you have the time and inclination.

    Much Metta,


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    Re: Amongst White Clouds


    A very good documentary.


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    Re: Amongst White Clouds

    I agree, I just watched this documentary and it is indeed very good. If you have the time, I recommend watching

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    Re: Amongst White Clouds

    Ah Perry....thank you for uncovering this. I've heard of it, but not seen it until now. A very moving and inspirational piece and worth the time. I came away with the message given toward the last few minutes of the film by the old sage:

    " When ignorance is exhausted, we see our Original Nature."

    And what better way to exhaust ignorance than by the activity of practice.

    I was also greatly comforted by the thought that "different illnesses" required "different medicine" and that the Buddha provided for all of them.


    Seishin Kyrill

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    Re: Amongst White Clouds

    Wow, great video, and then dig through the related ones on the side, there's some interesting stuff there.

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