I would like some feedback on "bad" sittings. I've read and reread (and probably missed something) in Jundo's great "cloud" posts, about some days being clear blue skies and some days have clouds. Like The Carpenter's sang, "Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down..".

Anywho... There are times when I sit and it is productive for lack of a better word. And then there are days when I sit and 10 minutes in I say "nuts to this, my mind is going a mile a minute". It's like my work. I work as an English tutor and some days I can sense my student is just "not there" and if he or she isn't "registering" the class I say hey lets call it a day, and tomorrow we try again. I can tell that anything I try to teach that day just won't set in, so it's best to wait for a better time.

Should this approach be used with meditation? When you can see that "you are just not there" with the sitting but with all the mindless crap that fills the brain, should you wait for a better moment? Or damn the torpedos full speed ahead and grind out the sitting?