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Thread: Buddha-Basics (Part VII) — Acting Right

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    Buddha-Basics (Part VII) — Acting Right

    The fourth branch of the Eightfold Path is Right Action — acting in accord with the Buddhist Precepts. Neither commandments nor laws, the Precepts serve as arrows pointing toward a peaceful, balanced, healthful life and world.

    We are guided to seek, as we can, to abstain from harming others and ourselves, to abstain from taking life, from taking what is not given through stealing or dishonesty, to abstain from destructive sexual conduct. Positively stated, right action is to act kindly and compassionately, to be honest, to respect others, and to keep relationships healthful.

    As we can, we act seeking to avoid harm to oneself or others, and in ways that are healthful and helpful to ourselves and others — knowing that there is, ultimately, no difference between oneself and others.

    Each summer, at our Treeleaf Sangha, we begin a course of preparation for Jukai, a ceremony of ‘Undertaking the Precepts’ and committing to this Path. That includes personal study and reflection on each of the Precepts. I hope that some people so inclined might join us in that, and would contact me if so.

    CLICK HERE for today’s Sit-A-Long video.

    Remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells; a sitting time of 15 to 35 minutes is recommended.
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    Thanks, Jundo. That was great.


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    sat today

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    Thank you Jundo, for a wonderfully clear teaching,

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    Thanks Jundo

    sat today

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    Thank you


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    Sat this day

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    Al of this reading from 1 to 8 is so important to my understanding Thank You Jundo, Tai Shi sat today Gassho.
    Kind Ubasoku, calm, I seek to support; not supportive. 或者嘘

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    I will undertake the precepts this year also Tai Shi std Gassho and deep bows.

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    Kind Ubasoku, calm, I seek to support; not supportive. 或者嘘

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    Thank you for another teaching Jundo.

    John Miller

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    Thank you, Jundo.


    sat today

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    Thank you for the beautiful lesson. Where would one find more information on the next Jukai ceremony?


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    Hello Jon,

    Welcome to Treeleaf! Jukai commitment ceremonies are held annually in mid-January, following our 3-month, fall Ango period. As we approach Ango this fall, members will be invited to undertake Jukai preparations and sewing a Rakusu. In the meantime, please feel at home, get to know us, develop your zazen practice, and participate actively in your Sangha community, especially in the Friday evening Zazenkai. If you are unable to participate as the event occurs, the recording will be posted immediately so that you can sit along with us, knowing that you are still sitting with us, no distance away from us. Also, please jump into any forum discussions that catch your eye. Ask lots of questions. We look forward to getting to know you.

    遜道念芸 Nengei
    Sat today. LAH.

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    I can see how the taking of a life leads a lot of Buddhists to become vegetarians. That life can be as small as an insect, but it has value.

    lent a hand
    Jen [tranquility]

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