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Dear Martin,

We usually make the distinction between lay practice and priest practice.
If you go in the direction of priest practice, then a kesa is needed. If you don't, you are already living in the whole kesa of the universe, as Sawaki Kodo says: there is no world outside the kesa. He means by that that everything as it is is already the kesa, and sentient and non sentient beings do all wear it.
So you are already wearing the kesa, and you feel-think you don't need it. That is perfectly ok. I just would like to reflect that for some people here, there is a different story, another commitment and the light of that commitment, this sewn fabric is Buddha's body. You don't understand it. I tried to explain it. But of course, as you sit in this boundless reality, it is already covering your shoulders.
I wish people would open their mind and accept that what they think is nonsense, can make perfect sense to other people.
Jundo asked me to present this teaching which was Buddha's teaching, Dogen's and all the old guys. If people don't want to hear it, they can skip my posts, not read the kesa chapters in Shobogenzo...
Thank you for your practice and I wish this clarifies what I have been saying all along.
Frankly, I am also tired an a bit sad.

Take care and thank you for the sewing you do in your work and your life



Thank you.

There are some who feel that their questions haven't been addressed, and I can't speak for them, but your post spoke to me.

Thank you for the teaching, thank you for your sewing, and for all the work you do at Treeleaf. One day, I hope to sew a kesa. Perhaps on that day you will guide me.