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Thread: 0917 - INTERMISSION

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    I think we are going to take a one week Intermission to let people get into the Jukai readings and sewing ... which is all starting this weekend (I will have the posts up for that within the day).

    Also ... although Taigu and I encourage everyone to continue all the readings if you can ... IF, for folks taking Jukai, it is too much to read all of it each week, please devote yourself to the Jukai readings and sewing for now. You can go back to "Transmitting the Light" at a later date or when you have time, and "catch up" ... for the light transmits forever! The wonderful thing about our "Book Club" is that you can jump in again anywhere, at any time.

    Gassho, J

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    Re: 0917 - INTERMISSION

    Hi Jundo,

    This will give me time to catch up...yay!


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    Re: 0917 - INTERMISSION

    Thanks, Jundo. Even though there is nothing to catch up on, like Dosho, I'm grateful for this opportunity to catch up!

    Gassho, Jikyo

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