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Thread: Buddha Ways To Express Differing View

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    Buddha Ways To Express Differing View

    It seems like forever since I offered an overtly early Buddhist reference here (though it likely creeps into much I say). :wink:
    But I will try to balance this with a particulary Zen view.
    Here is one example (only) of how a differing view may be expressed. Perhaps you have others. How do we express an opinion without outright "killing" another's view?; an example of broader interpretation of the First Grave Precept (at least by Robert Aitken Roshi) in "The Mind of Clover".
    In Theranaamo Sutta, Shakyamuni Buddha questions a Bhikkhu about his "solitary" practice, others having taken exception to it.
    The Buddha's remarks in this instance neither condemn nor praise. Hearing the Thera's ("Elder's") explanation he says: "There is, Thera, this type of lone-dwelling: I do not deny it. But, Thera, I shall tell you the manner in which lone-dwelling is fulfilled in all its details. Listen attentively to it." And then he goes on to explain it.
    This early Buddhist Sutta is telling on (not only) its own subject but on the topic of this thread:


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    Re: Buddha Ways To Express Differing View

    Hi Don,
    I tend to start with something like " That's interesting, as a zen buddhist I believe..." This has the disarming effect of stating at the first that I am not debunking thier views, merely sharing mine. It normally works.



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