Good morning (here) friends,

Perhaps I'm slipping further into Delusion, but it seems to me that there are 3 times throughout the day: Zazen Time, Samu Time, and Sleep Time.

When one sits, that's Zazen Time. When one works or plays, talks or reads, that is Samu time. But there's no difference. Just sit, just work, just play. When the thoughts of "that was fun...did you see..." and "I wonder what's next..." drop away, it's still the same mind (Mind?) that just sits. Perhaps when the mind is sitting (not grasping at pleasure, pushing at pain, etc) in this moment, this moment, this moment, Zazen manifests itself regardless of physical posture or velocity.

But I think it's very much easier to see the subtle grasping at this and that when I'm parked on a cushion. No place to hide. Nothing to do but dive deeply into NOW.

Just my thoughts.

Much metta to all,