I just thought I'd share something that made me smile today.

Yesterday, a friend threw a water bottle and never picked it up. Later, I picked it up and dropped it on her head much to the amusement of everyone around. Another friend who was right there at the time told me today that she thought it was funny and I jokingly responded that "Mine was the hand of Karma." She thought this was a pretty bold statement, but I responded by saying that Everything is Karma.

A few minutes later she informed me that she hit her head on a dryer door while doing her laundry. She asked me, "If everything is Karma then what the heck was that for?"

I said "We sew karmic seeds with our decisions, and, sometimes, we just hit our heads."

The people around me and even I often forget to take a minute when things go awry just to smile and think about the fact that sometimes we really do just hit our heads.

With love,