Hi everyone!

I was putting my rakusu in his pocket after zazen this morning and I realized that I did'nt wear it as much as I can.

When zazen is finished I put it in is shelf next to Buddha and a Russian Icone of the Mother of God (I her love so much because of her "sad smile and eyes",full of compassion and force at the same time!).
And that'is it.

But we can wear a rakusu doing a lot of things, during sesshins it's so obvious,and back home it is sometimes difficult.

So, in order to live with the kesa in our daily lives, I propose that those who have already took Jukai try to wear the Thatagatha's robe as much as they can! Of course it is easier at home! As Taigu said in one of is vids about the rakusu

"we can wear the rakusu doing a lot of things: physical work, study ,drinking coffee, or even go out (not to show or shock) but folded in his bag as a reminder of our practice.When we wear it our manners and way we act might be different. he will possibly influence the way we behave."
Lets try to stop creating a "mental separation" between "our" zazen (and kesa) and the rest of life.

By wearing our kesa as much as we can in our everyday life we'll be able to study it with flesh and bones in our very temple (life!), not separated with any "zazen time". And as we do this we also put zazen in our daily life!

By doing this with a very simple state of mind, no need to make such a big deal of it, we will study our everyday life with the same simplicity!

In order to this I commit to wear and have it with me as much as I can during the Ango, in order to practice the buddha's teaching in everyday life!

I hope those who already take Jukai (participating in Ango or not!) will be able to do the

So, lets wear rakusu more than ever!
Take it off from next the Buddha to wear it as a "Buddha!"

humble gassho to everyone,