I was reading Steve Hagen's "Buddhism - It's Not What You Think," and came across this quote from Linji:
There are Zen students who are in chains when they to to a teacher, and the teacher adds another chain. The students are delighted, unable to discern one thing from another.
Hagen goes on to describe real Zen teaching in a way that made me think of Jundo and Taigu:
We don't easily tolerate Zen teachers who make baffling and seemingly cryptic statements we can't understand. No, it's much more comfortable when they hand us something we can take hold of, sink our teeth into, carry with us, identify with, and call our own...In our delusion, we think that awakening to this moment is just another item to complete and knock off our list of things to do.
This made me realize I've been waiting for Jundo and/or Taigu to quit screwing around and just tell me the answer - e.g. another concept I can get wrapped up in :roll:

Slowly, slowly, slowly, I am coming around...