Hi all,

We started the study of the Transmission of the Light a few weeks ago and the thread is already running thin. I understand that this work is difficult and that reading Keizan and Hixon requires patience and a lot of courage. But we know that out there we have amazing guys who could just swing and rock along. I am thinking about old students but also new people...Rich, Dosho, Eika, Zak, rculver,BrianW, Kyrillos,jrh001,JamesVB,Alanla, Jen, Jikyo,Da5id,Dday, Soendoshin,Monkton, Peter, Fuken, CraigfromAz, Anista and many more....Please, pay us a visit and drop of a few lines. I am also thinking about our three priests. This study is paramount importance in the process of training as a priest. So please, come back or join in.


Thank you