Dear All,

, and I hope all will join in by watching and sharing in last Thursday's "Homeleaving" priest ordination of Shohei, Fugen and Mongen ... conducted by Taigu and me. This is an important moment for any Buddhist Sangha, and a time for celebration. Congratulations to the three ordainees!

The video is in three parts (about 40 minutes) ...

PART 1:[/video]]


PARTS 2 and 3:[/video]] ... Mc0LlwiXwY

Be sure to toggle to "FULL SCREEN" for the full effect (the little button on the lower right of the Youtube screen)

The ceremony is traditional, yet groundbreaking ... for we believe it is the first time that a Buddhist Ordination has been performed simultaneously on three continents (with Taigu and Jundo in Japan, and our three ordainees in Canada, Germany and Sweden) all simultaneously linked by audio-visual media via the internet. Some of the more conservative and "stuck in their mental barriers", unable to think outside the box, folks in the Buddhist world may have trouble with that fact. Many Buddhist folks ... who are usually all about dropping categories like "time and space" ... and who regularly invite all the ancient Buddhas and long dead Ancestors into their ceremonies ... completely reject that a ceremony of ordination can be done 'long distance' via the 'internet'.

Well, welcome to the future ... which is just the present all along!

Gassho, Jundo