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Thread: Should we have an Ango journal?

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    Should we have an Ango journal?

    I'm thinking about starting a daily journal for the Ango. Nothing philosophical, just explaining what I have accomplished -or not- during the day. I think it will help me to keep my commitment, and I also think that reading about other people's accomplishments will also be a good motivator.

    So, here are my questions:

    1) is it better to start a blog outside the Treeleaf forum in order to avoid excessive clutter here?
    2) if we do something collective in the Treeleaf Forum what would be better? A thread per person or a thread by day? That is, should I start a thread labelled "da5id's Ango? Or is it better to create "August 28th Ango" or a "first week Ango"?

    Looking forward for your ideas


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    Re: Should we have an Ango journal?

    Thank you for suggesting this! I had the same idea last night. Either way, I'm going to be keeping a journal.

    Gassho, and many bows.

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    Re: Should we have an Ango journal?

    This is a great idea! I was wondering if there was going to be a thread for this. I think it will be cool to post what we're giving up, any difficulties we face, etc. I think personally we should just have a single big thread.

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    Re: Should we have an Ango journal?

    Not knowing if all saw this, I am copying from the guidelines given by Jundo (with regard to ANGO) in the Announcement:

    "Join frequently in online discussion in our forum of the content and ANGO experience, sharing the ups and downs and middles." (The underline included was his).

    I was thinking to follow this. You?
    Maybe the thread is "Ango Experiences 2010"? What do you think?

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    Re: Should we have an Ango journal?

    Sounds like a great idea. Any of us wishing to provide more in-depth writing can provide links to our blogs?

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    Re: Should we have an Ango journal?

    Hi folks,
    I think last year we posted about once a week, maybe more often if it was in response to someone else's experience or there was something in particular that came up. It really helped me a lot, so I hope anyone who is writing a day by day account elsewhere posts a link regularly, or writes a summary for us on the treeleaf page.


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    Re: Should we have an Ango journal?


    Your wish is my command! Here is the LINK to the thread called:

    Experiencing Ango 2010


    Please feel free to start posting there any time, even before we "officially" start off Ango.

    I think now that, better than people starting lots of individual threads, we all share and bounce off each othe in one place ... echoing each other, supporting and encouraging each other. If you have your own blog or journal on the Ango, please do link to it here and post lots of excepts so we can follow it. Do not worry about the quantity of posts, too much or too little ... dropping all thought of "too" ....

    (i am going to close this thread so that we can continue over there)

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Should we have an Ango journal?

    A wonderful idea! I look forward to participating.



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