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Thread: Congratulations Guys!

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    Congratulations Guys!

    Sincere congratulations to Shohei, Mongen and Fugen on this historic Shukke Tokudo ceremony. It is a great day for the entire Sangha. Well done Taigu and Jundo.
    Nine bows to all,

    PS: Hopefully there will be sound on the recorded version.

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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Many bows to all...congrats fellas!


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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Nine deep bows to them and to all our Sangha!


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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Yes many congratulations to you all.

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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Congratulations to all and a personal Gassho to each of you.

    Jin Tai

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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Deep bows Fugen, Mongen and Shohei.
    Congratulations. Like others I could only watch.

    Gassho Nigel.

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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    To all those officiating, ordained, visiting, watching, and offering congratulations:

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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    I, too, say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Blessings and congratulations! Axios! Axios! Axios! We have an auspicious inauguration of this new part of the Sangha, let us support it and our new Unsuis as they now progress in their training and service.

    Gassho 9X

    Seishin Kyrill

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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Shohei, Mongen and Fugen.
    i just want to say i am very happy for all of you.
    i wish you peace of mind and happiness. and a long and satisfying road on your journey that has just begun now.

    Gassho, Dojin.

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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Congrats and deep gassho to all! I can't wait to watch!


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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Yes, sorry about the sound ... BUT FEAR NOT, for we do have a wonderful recording that will be posted within a day.

    Oh, SILENCE IN ZEN SPEAKS TRUTH! Just not in this case I guess. :?

    Gassho, J

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    Re: Congratulations Guys!


    I could only peek in (at work), but am very much looking forward to seeing (and hearing ) the whole thing.


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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Shohei, Mongen and Fugen.

    My heart goes out to you all! Congratulations and it is an honor to be in such a sanga.......yes sound would be nice, but it was "perfectly just what it was!"


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    Re: Congratulations Guys!


    Deep bows to you all.
    Thank you for your practice.

    Ps, somebody told the radio and newspaper, so i got on there to...
    But the interviews are in swedish, sorry...
    Anyway, the link ... el=3934281


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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Congrats guys.. I found myself really watching my screen and wishing I could real lips sideways!

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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Gassho! Gassho! Gassho!

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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Congratulations to all those taking part and thanks to all those who contributed to making it happen,


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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Hello fellow Treeleaves,

    thank you so much for your support and insight. I won't have internet access for roughly ten days or so, so don't think I just disappeared or anything

    Gassho and all the best to you,

    Hans (I won't reveal the new dharma name just will have to watch the whole thing to find out)

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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Yes, congratulations and Gassho to you and all responsible. Kent

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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Congratulations and deep Gassho!


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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    THE VIDEO OF THE ORDINATION IS NOW POSTED. I hope that everyone will watch and join in the celebration ...


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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Nine bows... I have gotten to know Fugen, Mongen, and Shohei via "The Tea Party" chats and now fully understand and appreciate the qualities each one of these wonderful people bring to this important role. I have experienced each functioning in a "priest" role already and am excited for the future they can help create for Treeleaf.

    I bailed on the livecast when I found the audio wasn't working, and look forward to watching the ceremony.

    I have such a feeling of warmth and optimism about all of this.

    Gassho to all--

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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Thanks for the congrats! Thank you all for your teaching!!

    Deep bows to you all and your practice!


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    Re: Congratulations Guys!

    Just caught the video, thank you Jundo.
    Congratulations again guys, it was an honor to be in attendance and witness this great step in Treeleaf's path.
    Thank you for sharing this experiance with us.

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    Re: Congratulations Guys!


    Thank you for your teachings and support.

    As i said in the speech at the end...

    Its all good practice.
    Thank you for your practice.


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