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Thread: Skype Call Anyone?

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    Skype Call Anyone?

    Just got Skype downloaded.
    Anyone else looking to try theirs out on a call? I'll be around for a couple hours.
    I'm in the Atlantic Time Zone (DST); time now approximately 5:08pm.

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    Re: Skype Call Anyone?

    Hi Don,
    What is you skype name? need it to give you ring. Ill add you. Im a bit late (3 hour nap for the win!) But for a next time perhaps? or maybe you'd like to have a go at the Tea Party (Sharing, Helpful and Insightful Tips party) tomorrow afternoon (4pm Atlantic) Ill be there if i can find wifi or solid cell reception where im traveling too, be say HI etc.


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    Re: Skype Call Anyone?

    Just got off a call with Shohei.
    For anyone watching, if you don't have Skype I have to tell you it adds a whole new dimension to communication with Treeleaf members; putting a live voice and animation to the conversation is a treat.
    Like Jundo told me, it is free and easy to use. What's more, if you need assistance to set it up there are several here who could help.
    When you do, get in touch with me. We can share a call and a smile. I'd enjoy that.

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    Re: Skype Call Anyone?

    Chimming in dittoing that! it helps bring us a bit closer together, as said giving some animation and tone to the folks that participate here, a bit of context when interacting on the forum.
    Its also abit off the cuff, shooting from the hip... less planning means truly playing or dancing with our words and our meaning and it gets shaped and refined some this way. In this medium we tend to be a bit more questioning on the spot so its a bit of exploration ... very good practice

    I Hope that makes sense? Really if your a bit shy (hell who isnt ?) try a "one to one" with a fellow sangha mate. I found it a good motivator for practice by being straight up honest with yourself and another and listening to them discuss their practice.
    Fugen and I started doing so through participating in an Ango 90 day period with with Wild Fox Zen this past February (i think?) and it was, IMHO, the most beneficial part of that period. discussing daily or near daily our practice..and being blunt honest in our goings on (ie- sat 20 min, none last night and im exhausted today... work was... blah and blah and so on) and in doing so I discovered a good solid friend in Fugen, and life permitting we meet as often as possible.

    Nice talking with you Don,I hope to do so again soon!!


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    Re: Skype Call Anyone?


    Might be good to add me to the list of people who you can call (besides ghostbusters).
    And i'll add you to the list of the teaparty.


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    Re: Skype Call Anyone?

    Hi Don,

    I just noticed your location. I spent five years living on Cape Breton Island between 2003-2008. We were neighbours for a while! Small world, for sure.

    This was completely off-topic, but I wanted to say hey.

    Seona ... yes, tis a Gàidhlig name.

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    Re: Skype Call Anyone?

    Thank you for your post, Seona.
    "Just pleasantries" (in addition to "just sitting") is fine practice as well.

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