Hello friends,

I'm going to ask a practice question the only way I know how--an extended and perhaps useless metaphor.

The buzzing of saws and sharp sounding hammers echo through the subdivision. Looking for the construction crew, I wander through the streets and parks, following the sounds. I cannot find the foreman. Sometimes I stumble across a poured foundation, an empty shell with no siding, a house with a moving van sitting in the driveway. Occasionally the noise ceases while the workers take their union mandated break, and I can hear their chatter. Once, long ago, I turned a corner, only to find myself face to face with a shift leader. He kindly explained to me what the master plan vaguely looked like, smiled, and went about his business. I can smell the sawdust, can taste the diesel in the air, still the work continues.

Where else is there to look?