Gassho everyone,

This past weekend , my wife and I traveled about 5 hours away to attend a reunion for a softball team she had played on as a girl and young woman. I spent a lot of time in the passenger's seat trying to experience her driving without having it completely frazzle me. I decided to sit during the trip both there and coming home. I had the most wonderful rounds of zazen.

My OCD seems to have left me with a wild mind that never calms down. As soon as I start my zazen, the thoughts at times are like the know it all in a classroom, " ooh ooh call on me, I know all the answers, me me me!!!!!"

I have come to accept this and to appreciate that my practice is often opening around the wild thoughts, bringing myself back to the touch stone of the breath sand reopening.

While sitting during the ride, there were so many experiences around me, the passing road, the cars being constantly overtaken by the vehicle i was in, the rocking side to side, and yes the country western music. The fact that all around me was "busier" then the the wild thoughts in my mind made it easy to open around all of the thoughts and feelings and sites and sounds and smells. It was as though the addition of all the activity subtracted from my own distraction.

They were the two most calming, fulfilling rounds of zazen in a long time for me.

Now all I need is a Zafu that does 75 mph in my living room