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While writing this I found the following link, which I have only cursorily looked at but seems to be appropriate here.

I really, really like that Ceaseless Practice article. Thanks for posting the link!
I will readily admit to a limited intrest in ethics, so when I saw the http://www.buddhistethics.org URL, I was not that interested. However, I was having a very dull day at work, so I thought "anything has to be better than this." :roll: And I was rewarded - this is an excellent article, IMO. A very down to earth, readable explanation of a lot of the concepts Jundo has been trying to beat through my thick skull (not that this explanation is any better than Jundo's explanations, but different explanations are often helpful in subverting my mentl blocks!). I would recommend this short reading to any newbies on the forum who are confused about non-attachment, dualism, why we sit zazen, etc. Not to imply I know have these concepts down, but this was very helpful.

Thanks for the link!!!