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Thread: Winning isn't everything...

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    Winning isn't everything...


    Well, the awards for top 50 blogs came out and i couldn't help myself... :lol:
    Congratulations Jundo and Taigu, you've won!!
    Here's the link...

    It's all good practice.


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    Re: Winning isn't everything...

    Congrats! I especially like the slight misquote of the actual name:

    "A Long With Jundo and Taigu"

    What exactly is "long" about the sit-alongs?


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    Re: Winning isn't everything...

    Hello all,

    That's wonderful news - congrats!

    Dosho - I noticed that mistype too . Although I kind of thought it sounded like 'come' along with Jundo and Taigu. It sounds homey nonetheless.



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    Re: Winning isn't everything...


    Also, Treeleaf member Fuken's blog is one of the winners as well.

    Congrats all.


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    Re: Winning isn't everything...

    Very cool congrats !!

    heh the webbadge made me giggle

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    Re: Winning isn't everything...

    Oh, were do I start?

    I would like to thank all the little people ... my producer, the writers and director who believed in this crazy project. The wardrobe people. Our fans. Oh, and thank you Buddha! 8)

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    Re: Winning isn't everything...

    Nice Oscar speech, Jundo. :lol:

    Congrats to Treeleaf, Jundo, Taigu, and Fuken!

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    Re: Winning isn't everything...

    Thank you Sangha.

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    Re: Winning isn't everything...

    Congratulations are in order

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    Re: Winning isn't everything...

    Wow. How do I put this on my fireplace mantle?

    Taigu, you get to have it on weekends.

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    Re: Winning isn't everything...

    Well I don't want to nominate myself or anything, but you will need a special sangha member to transport the said award between yourself and Taigu. And of course 'cyril' means special transporter in Klingon. lol

    In all seriousness, these sit alongs are really great especially because you can re-watch them in case you miss something or don't get something the first few times through.. It's fantastic!



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    Re: Winning isn't everything...

    Quote Originally Posted by cyril
    In all seriousness, these sit alongs are really great especially because you can re-watch them in case you miss something or don't get something the first few times through.. l

    A follow up to this one is, when do we get to see the old ones, that has been lost since the company that was used in the beginning went bust?
    I really miss the buddha bot... :roll: :lol:
    It could be a rerun evening...
    I'll bring the chips and popcorn...


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    Re: Winning isn't everything...




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    Re: Winning isn't everything...

    Yes, congratulations for the prize. The website project really deserves it. Lots of great material for learning and practicing there!



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    Re: Winning isn't everything...

    Ah, I posted on another thread today about not believing things because it is on the web, in print or tv ... and here is further proof. The back story on the award.

    A guy named Robert Archambeau at Samizdat Blog won a award and he checked with a colleague who informed him that it was basically a list to shore up Online School’s credibility as a diploma-mill. Archambeau says, “As it turns out, the awards are sponsored by a consortium of online doctoral programs, some run by for-profit institutions. What’s more, the html code for the badge one is meant to display on one’s blog contains a text link, just below the badge, for a site promoting these programs.”

    We are fine as we are ... award or no ... 8)

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    Re: Winning isn't everything...

    Hey ... wait a minute ... this whole Treeleaf idea was my idea first and I told some American and French guy about it in a bar in Tokyo one night way back in the early 90s. I'm gonna sue!!!!

    Congratulations Jundo and Taigu (and all behind the site). Take a bow,


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