I know there is a difference between non-effort and no effort. One is zazen and the other makes you a lump of skin on a cushion, but where's the balance? Lately I have been having issues with the late-night sitting fog. This may be partly because I am sitting late in the evening but I feel like it may also have something to do with the gusto I put forth in zazen. Are we supposed to throw ourselves into this practice like someone who is going for a run? I.e. When we get ready to run, we put ourselves in a certain mindset and we dedicate ourselves fully to the run, when we notice our jogging we redouble our efforts and start running again.

Sometimes I don't understand how "active" zazen is supposed to be, I know that it is, but the degree to which it is confuses me sometimes. Is it that we maybe apply a bit more "oomph" to those late night sits to wake up from our dreaming? It's very hard to explain without actually putting you all inside my head :roll: If there need be clarification, I will try my best :?