Hi all,

Just a kind of thing I am picking up...The latest vid from Jundo about the need to give is, in my eyes, spot on. He says "perhaps", Jundo is very kind and mild.
Let me be a bit more straight forward and direct than usual: in this community, a lot of people love receiving support, advice, guidance, teachings, and it's all free! It is all free because we want it to be free and we get our income another way.

Very few comments on this vid. In fact we like to take and not to give, don't we all?

Well guys, blablabla and koans and this and that are about the wondrous and humble Boddhistava activity. I don't give a s... about your mastering of the subtle Buddhist philosophy, the fact that you can talk the talk... I really mind about how it translates in your life, your hands and the way you use what is in your pocket. We don't want it in our pockets, it is not for Jundo or Taigu: the world needs your action, your deeds.

I wrote this on another thread:

Hi all,

Wading through threads are hard to follow. For practical purposes, maybe a new thread for rakusu n00bies where we can go and ask a question(s) or a simple pdf/txt file with a beginner's how-to for the rakusu.

...maybe we can have a live web feed where folks can follow a rakusu sewing class...step by step?
Thank you for your interesting suggestions. I kind of understand the difficulties of starting sewing: I was not born with a needle in my hands...
It is part of the process to meet resistance, not the lack of help or inadequate wording or instructions of teachers, but our OWN resistance which is a byproduct of our beliefs. No live classes, or ready-made thread will do. Maybe, I should also buy a plane ticket and come to you to show you how to do it :wink: ???

These days, people get it too easy. In a not so distant past, wading through mountains, walking weeks and months, begging food and bowing in the mud had to be done and experienced to sew a single kesa and study with a teacher.

We are obviously too addicted to a mouse click.

That's all I have to say. It is a very good test at the very gate of our true self.

So...just get on with it
Please, time to do some work in the community and help in many ways, including with your green energy ( money)