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    Claude Anshin Thomas

    Hi all,

    This is just a very short and crisp extract of the start of a talk from Claude Anshin Thomas. War veteran of Vietnam, he often talks about how he used to kill with great glee and was filled with anger, fear and will to destroy. He is now a simple priest and teacher, student of Glassman. Please, listen to what he says, listen to what he says about awakening because this is so important, and listen where it all comes from. Why do we hear words? Where do they come from?

    In my next vid I will pick up Genjokoan again and talk about awakening as non intoxication,no exctasy and not knowing. This is a very touching introduction to my modest talk. I really like the guy. 109CF&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=9[/video]] ... =1&index=9



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    Re: Claude Anshin Thomas

    Our sangha, Flor de Nopal Sangha, was happy to host him back in 2008 here in South Texas. We hope to have him back again.

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    Re: Claude Anshin Thomas

    I would also greatly recommend his book on his experiences in the Vietnam war, his 'inner war' after he returned, and his work with veterans and for peace. ... 717&sr=8-1

    It is also listed in our "suggested book" list ...


    Anshin has walked on foot across America coast to coast, as well as Auschwitz Poland to Vietnam (and across several other countries) as a statement for peace.

    Gassho, J

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    Re: Claude Anshin Thomas

    Very clearly put! I will be checking out his book
    Thanks for sharing these!


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    Re: Claude Anshin Thomas

    Quite interesting, especially the part where he talks about the expectations of those who come to study with him. Thank you for sharing this Taigu.


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    Re: Claude Anshin Thomas

    Very interesting thanks for sharing his insights !


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