Hi All,

To mark the visit to Tsukuba Japan of our long time member BrianW, and his daughter ... this week, our regular 90 minute Zazenkai usually on Saturday .... WILL BE ON FRIDAY JULY 9th (at the following times ... also starting an hour earlier than we usually do)

From 9pm Japan time (that is New York 8am, Los Angeles 5am, London 1pm and Paris 2pm, FRIDAY)

I know that many folks are working and will not be able to join at those times, but FEAR NOT as the entire sitting (as usual) will be recorded in 'REAL TIME' and available for full participation 'on demand' at any time after that, no different from the 'live' sitting.

As always, links will be posted in this section of the Forum.

So, here and there, whether then or a later then ... please join us for a special BRIAN-ZENKAI!

Gassho, J