... I waver between reading too much and reading too little...
As usual, one of Chet's posts hit an issue I have been debating with myself. Can you be too intellectual in this pursuit? More than just (possibly) adding no value, can it actually detract from your practice? When reading Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, I got the distinct impression that Suzuki was not very impressed with Bhuddist philosophy, and was more concerened that his students sit zazen than understand the Shobogenzo (my words, not his).

My tendency (in nearly everything I do) is to be very analytical, read everything I can, try to get a complete understanding of the subject. I fear this may be counterproductive in Zen, and actually get in the way of "just sitting/living."

As usual, I appreciate any comments anyone would care to make.



PS I am going to sesshin for a week starting Sunday, so if I don't respond it is because I am out of contact.