Gassho everyone,

It is a gorgeous day here in NW Indiana the sun is out it is in the 70's. The room I sit in was very bright today and a little warmer than normal because of the sun streaming through the patio doors.

During my round I had several instances where my awareness was that my eyes were closed. I opened them and found that my posture was as it had been when I was last aware of it. I have experienced sinking mind before during rounds of zazen but not to this extent. It struck me as odd that I could not tell the difference between napping and the extreme sinking. Only my awareness of my posture gave me any clue.

Does it matter which it was? If awareness is to all of the experience, should one be aware whether the inattentiveness was napping or sinking mind? If there is no labeling its enough simple to rise to attentiveness again over and over and over, 40 winks or however many it takes. If I contemplate this any longer I will be napping.

Forgive my sleepy rambling,