I've been reading Suzuki today and, as always, I found something
that I'm sure you all have read before, but I just couldn't help sharing.

"You can do true zazen practice here, watching yourself step by step,
one step after another. We practice like a cow rather than a horse.
Instead of galloping about, we walk slowly, like a cow or an elephant.
If you can walk slowly, without any idea of gain, then you are already
a good Zen student.

"We do not practice zazen to attain enlightenment, but rather to express
our true nature. Even your thinking is an expression of your true nature
when you are practicing zazen. Your thinking is like someone talking in
the backyard or across the street. You may wonder what they are talking
about, but that someone is not a particular person. That someone is our
true nature. The true nature within us is always talking about Buddhism.
Whatever we do is an expression of Buddha nature."