Hello Dear Ones,

This past Sunday, 20June 2010, I took Tokudo at the Lotus Zen Temple and became a monastic of the Order of the Lotus Blossom, in the Chan lineage of Hui Neng. It was a short and dignified ceremony and I'm sorry that photos were not permitted during the ceremony. I do hjave a photo taken directly afterwards, but I cannot load it as an attachment do to that it "too big". If I can get some help with reducung it, I will post it for you.

I was also given an added name ( boy if I were to list all the names I've received over the years due to the various stages of taking vows, it would read like some eccentric Balkan nobleman :lol: . Anyway the name is:

Yin Che Seishin

Yin Che means "Complete Seal". Jundo is that the same in Japanese?

So here I am "re-monked" and very happy about it. I really do feel that this has "completely sealed" me; uniting Western and Eastern monasticism in at least one more person. I can now breathe with both lungs!!


Yin Che Seishin