Craig here again, intellectually trying to figure out zen. I know, it's a fools errand.

Anyway, today as my mind was running amok while I attempted to sit zazen, I suddenly had this thought. If dukkha is caused by the discursive mind and it's thoughts/expectations, and zazen is where we allow the discursive mind to become it's most calm - wouldn't we be at our absolute happiest/most blissful while sitting zazen? If so, I would expect to read all sorts of posts like "I missed happy hour the other night because I was so caught up in zazen", or "my girlfirend is so upset with me because we never have sex anymore because I prefer to sit zazen."

But I haven't seen those kinds of posts. I see more "I should really sit more regularly", and "I just returned to sitting zazen after a few years off". I will admit that although my time on the cushion is fine, I rarely (if ever) continue to sit after the chimes ring. Anybody care to offer an opinion on why this is so?