In another thread, Chet recommended that I express my bad, selfish, and inconsiderate self a little more, saying
Having better balance between these traits can be beneficial for both individuals and group-tenders,
I think this is a very fair and interesting issue, so I throw it out to the group. Can sharing your bad, selfish, and inconsiderate self have its benefits? Chet, feel free to elaborate on this.

Here are my thoughts. I certainly see the appeal here, and that there might be some benefits to being more honest about negative feelings and not holding them back. Getting the negative off your chest can definitely be cathartic. I've slept on this and been thinking about it all morning. Being bad, selfish, and inconsiderate has never worked very well for me, nor does it ever really feel good for me. All I associate with those negativities is suffering, and learning to let go of them has led to a lessening of my suffering. Do I sometimes feel like acting those ways? Sure, and when I become aware of it I usually let it drop because I see no benefits to me or others in continuing on with those feelings. I try to accept those feelings, not deny them, because they are real in me sometimes. But acting on them would be in violation of the precepts the way I understand them. Also, Bassui has a real hold on me lately, and he wrote that our True Nature is Kannon, which is just the opposite of being bad, selfish, or inconsiderate, and the farther I go on the Path the more I find this to be true. So I think I'll just keep going the way I have been as honestly as I can. But that's just me.

What about you folks?