Gassho everyone,

I am a relatively new practitioner and member here. I am in my third month of practice. I have OCD. I notice when sitting in front of a plain white wall that I can not tell if my vision was focused. The upshot was that my obsession took over and instead of opening to everything I would spend an entire round trying to "see" or telling myself stories of how I would be able to see better. Even a light blue wall did not help.

This morning I sat looking at the floor of the room where I sat. Actually it was my 2 dachshunds bed. I spent 20 minutes not having to obsess on the vision and my 20 minutes flew by. Thoughts came and went, but at least they weren't oh I can't see am i too close too far away maybe if I tried this or that.

Sometimes, complete subtraction has to occur a step at a time.