Hi everyone. Just joined the forum. I am looking for a place online where I can share experiences trying to apply Buddhist teachings to everyday life. I haven't been able to find a local Sangha with a schedule that works for me so now I'm looking online.

I first got into Buddhism back in college when my friends were getting into Christianity. I picked up a book or magazine at a bookstore and the ideas really resonated with ones I had had myself. I did a bit of reading but didn't really practice formally (or informally) until I lived in the St. Louis, MO, USA area. I attended the Missouri Zen Center a number of times and really enjoyed it. I think that was a very peaceful time in my life. I miss it very much. I liked it because we would sit for about 45 minutes on a weeknight and then the Roshi would give an informal talk while we had some tea and snacks. Part of the problem finding a place now is that I am married and have some other commitments and the only place I found that is on my daily path is one that has long periods of sitting and walking meditation and is pretty formal too. I can't really spend 3-4 hours on a given night at the Zendo.

Anyway, I am now trying to get myself to sit at home. I have a room downstairs with a zafu that works pretty well, save the occasional cat meowing at the door or neighbor making noise. The problem is that I can't get myself to sit regularly, even though I know it would really help me out with some of the anger and anxiety I struggle with. Is anyone available to come over to my house a few nights a week and force me to meditate at gunpoint? = There are just so many distractions around the house: wife, internet, TV, books. It's just hard to force myself to go downstairs and do what I know I need to do.