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Thread: June 5th Zazenkai

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    June 5th Zazenkai

    Thoughts on my 1st Treeleaf Zazenkai

    1. Jundo must have an expresso drip IV inserted underneath his robes. Calculating EST time to Japan time has him staying up..rather, late. For this, I am thankful to him *deep gassho*

    2. It's a treat to know that 6 others were sitting with me this morning. I enjoy my "alone time" each morning and evening when sitting, but it's nice to have a small community practice every once and awhile

    3. Sitting this long, I think I've pinpointed why my top left foot falls asleep: 1/2 way through, my left glute (butt cheek..yes, i said it) began burning and radiating through my left leg. I think it's my sciatica flaring up (from my ultra-running days). Need to stretch that out nicely before sitting for prolonged periods

    4. sitting, and is sitting. Thoughts come and go, but I just sit.

    5. I find myself with an enjoyable deeper balanced state today, thinking about the effects of a pro-longed sitting has on my ANS. Thoughts?

    Gassho to Jundo and fellow Treeleafer's from this morning;


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    Re: June 5th Zazenkai

    My thoughts:

    1.) Walk before you run. This was the first time I had sat periods longer than 30 minutes. Antsy mind began to occur, something I need to work on letting go. Just another thought, another cloud.

    2.) Really enjoyed the chanting, that provided a definite connection to others sitting.

    3.) Looking forward to sitting next week!


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