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Thread: Zafu filling

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    Zafu filling

    Anyone have recommendations of filling I can use without having to order buckwheat hull, for example? Someone recommended dried split pea which I can purchase at my local organic store. Thoughts? Dried beans?



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    Re: Zafu filling

    I think somebody mentioned using popcorn kernals. I used an old pillow when I made my zafu. It is kind of lumpy misshapen zafu I named fraken-zafu but it works for now.-Andrea

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    Re: Zafu filling

    Depending on how natural you want to go, the styrofoam pellets sold for stuffing bean bag chairs work as well. Stuff it as full as you can, then after a few days of use restuff it with a bit more as they compress initially.

    You can also use cotton or bamboo batting instead of kapok fibers. You just have to stuff it until you absolutely cannot get another shred of batting in the case. If you are making your own cover, I advise a velcro closure instead of sewing it shut. That way you can adjust the stuffing or refill it easily.

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    Re: Zafu filling

    A few other old threads that might help ya fill your Zafu!




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