Hi all,

Here is the tea party report for Sunday, July 17th:

We've developed a pretty steady turnout over the last few weeks which has led to some very good discussions. After our traditional meal chant, robe verses, and short sit we turned to matters of practice, many surrounding the upcoming ango and jukai here at Treeleaf. One sangha member who was recently in an accident discussed his fear and uncertainty about sewing a rakusu, mostly due to only having the full use of one hand, but also due to some other factors. This person also mentioned sitting zazen both on and off pain medication which led into a discussion of a recent Brad Warner post about zazen and recreational drug use that has generated much talk in the blogosphere. Another member talked about being off any kind of medication for the first time in 18 years and how it felt very much the same since stopping. Recent posts at Zen Forum International were also a topic of interest involving who is "suitable" for ordination as well the new book club selection, Zen Seeds. The tea party then concluded with some folks conversing on techniques for finishing a kesa (the part made of cloth anyway) and starting a new one.

Hope to see some folks at this week's tea party...no camera required!