Shohei wrote:
Hi folks
For anyone who is interested and able, to Fugen, Hans and I are going to make a commitment to sit every (at least one of us!)Sunday @ 3pm (New York) or 9pm (Tibro, Sweden/Cologne, Germany), 4pm (Fredericton New Brunswick) to share a cup a tea. Please feel free to join in.

I'm not sure that you got my private message, because it showed up in my outbox but not the sent box. (As you can tell I am a newbie, and don't quite have the hang of this.) So, I just wanted to try sending it again to make sure you get it. I apologize if it is a duplicate.

Okay, now I am posting directly to the topic, because both private messages stayed in my outbox. (If someone can tell me what I am doing wrong, I'd appreciate it.) Sorry.

I would like to try to join the tea party tomorrow. I just signed up for Skype, and I bought headphones. Could you send me instructions on how to join in? However, never having used either, I still may not be successful in joining.

My Skype name is graceleejenkins.

Gassho, Grace.