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    This is the thread on Budhistgospel choire.

    I must say i like it.


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    Re: gospelchoire

    Me too.

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    Re: gospelchoire

    I think you refer to today's little try at a "Heart Gospel Sutra" ... about 3 minutes in ...

    I am thinking that, sometime soon, we will need to organize a "Treeleaf 'All Online' Buddhist-Gospel Choir"

    I'm serious!

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    Re: gospelchoire

    Yeah that was pretty uplifting

    I only caught that much of the zazenkai as Had guest arrive So I tended to them. Ill sit along tonight and Ill see if I can keep up singing!
    Looking forward to it!


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    Re: gospelchoire

    having this experienced this Gospel Chant, I think it's sticking to me and I won't be able to chant the Heart Sutra any other way!

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    Re: gospelchoire

    You are a natural talent !


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