Not so much on the mental side, but the physical. I have read Jundo's clouds post, and I understand, some days the mind is clear, others may be cloudy, not to fight it but met it naturally evolve. But what about the physical side, which I have read and understand to be very important? Am I sitting up straight? Is my chin tucked in? Are my hands in a proper position? How important is hand position anyways? Are my ears in line with my shoulders? Am I leaning to one side or the other? aside from the "sway to one side, then the other to find your center", what can one do to find "correct posture"? BTW I sit Burmese style. I will admit, I over think and over analyze things WAY to much. I research stuff into the ground and then some, and am working on it. But when I do something, or a topic interests me I really like to get as much info as I can on it.