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Thread: Buddha as exclamatory!

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    Buddha as exclamatory!

    Does anyone use Buddha as an exclamatory? Let me briefly explain.

    I was walking the dog tonight and it was a beautiful partly cloudy sky illuminated by the moon above. "God, that's beautiful" is what I said out loud numerous times as I watched the clouds move past the moon and stars, showing and hiding each in turn. Then I paused, aware in that moment, and said, "Buddha that's beautiful" to the sky, and then again to the air conditioner that came on near by, and then again to the breeze that touched me, and so on.

    Either God that's __________ or Buddha that's ____________ (or other variations) are acceptable, of course, but does anyone actually say the latter? Just curious, because I am aware of whole lifetime of conditioning to say the former.

    (As an afterthought to this, because this was meant in the totally positive exclamatory manner, does anyone say "buddha damn it" instead of "god damn it"?) Because that just seems totally weird. More conditioning, I suppose, but I don't think I can get conditioned otherwise at this point.

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    Re: Buddha as exclamatory!

    Heh, My wife, who is a not-so-devout- roman catholic LOVES to keep insisting that I cannot say omg/JC/ Gawd dammit or any other curse/swear and that SINCE im a Buddhist I have to say DOGEN ZENJI or Oh My B... some times I entertain her with just such a thing because it makes her laugh her butt off. Other wise No. Expletives i use are the same Ive learned since I can remember. Anywho Imma just try to limit them to times of stubbed toes and under my breath except in situations that its required
    OOH btw my wife has BEGGED me to put up BUDDHIST PRIEST!!! in some thread as a curse..cus it sounds so close to JUDAS PRIEST!! :roll: lol... Mission Complete.


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    Re: Buddha as exclamatory!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shohei
    OOH btw my wife has BEGGED me to put up BUDDHIST PRIEST!!! in some thread as a curse..cus it sounds so close to JUDAS PRIEST!! :roll: lol... Mission Complete.

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    Re: Buddha as exclamatory!

    I often say, 'For Sidd's sake!'. Really.


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    Re: Buddha as exclamatory!

    For Sidd's sake works.
    My wife(back seat reader :P) just brought up a valid point that one thing about saying Buddha _________ in a negative way it sounds odd as she said "God does damn, Buddha does not so to say Buddha damn it just doesn't ring right".


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    Re: Buddha as exclamatory!

    I find at my best moments ... like when the cat jumped on the altar and knocked over a candle during our service here on Saturday ... that I usually resort to Yiddish cuss words. Oy vey.

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    Re: Buddha as exclamatory!

    I really like Yiddish for swearinf because it is so very colorful and just the sound of it makes an emphasis, even if folks don't know what it means.

    Just imagines any of these in a troublesome time, or with troublesome folks:

    - Zugum!
    - Gay cockim uffanyam!
    - Hey, tuckus offem tish!
    - Oy, what a schlemazel!

    I've got a lot more since my best buddy in seminary was named Ben Teitelbaum.


    Seishin Kyrill

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    Re: Buddha as exclamatory!

    "God does damn, Buddha does not, so to say Buddha damn it just doesn't ring right".
    Excellent point! "Buddha damn" just doesn't make much sense in a religious or historical context.
    I really like the idea of "Buddhist Priest!" because it would be fun to see if people noticed, but I don't think I can do it because I'd end up thinking of Jundo ops: Then again, that might have some benefits when dealing with what brings about that statement. Hmmm... :? Anyway, I love to swear, am quite satisfied with my present swearing vocabulary, and not really looking to change how I swear, but it's really fun to look at other options, Yiddish or otherwise.

    What I was really looking for was if people say things like "Praise Buddha" on a regular basis. I assume cultural conditioning brings people to that sort of thing, sort of like Jamaicans saying "Praise Ja." I do say that, but I have not yet been able to incorporate positive Buddhist exclammatories.

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    Re: Buddha as exclamatory!

    The "God (insert expletive here)" is just part of Judeo-Christian culture I suppose. Occasionally I'll yell "Praise Buddha!" if something awesome happens, but really, it makes sense. Buddha gave us the opportunity to get off this wheel of suffering and while he may not have made too much of a difference on my Chemistry final :roll: , still nice to give the guy a shout out now and then.

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