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Thread: 5/14 - SHOBOGENZO-ZUIMONKI - 6-1 to 6-6

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    5/14 - SHOBOGENZO-ZUIMONKI - 6-1 to 6-6


    This week takes us to 6-1 through 6-6 ... ... 06-01.html

    I happened to be reading something today by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi in which he expressed a deep faith in Master's Dogen's teaching, repeated in many places in this book, that "if we Practice diligently, the Buddha will provide the food and clothes we need" ...

    ... I know this world of Dogen-zenji, I experienced it, I tested whether [laughs] it is true or not. So I-even when I was in, you know, when I was almost, you know, especially in the-during the war, wartime, I had not much to eat [laughs]. Most priest, you know, worked to earn some money to support themselves and to support their families. But my belief was if I, you know, observe Buddhist way, faithfully, someone will support me, you know. If no one support me, it means that Dogen's world was not true [laughs, laughter]. So I never ask anyone to give anything to me, and I just observed the Buddhist way, without working in, you know, as a teacher, or as a clerk of the town office [laughs, laughter], or I-I raised some vegetables and sweet potato [laughs]. That is why I know how to raise vegetables [laughs] pretty well.
    And one day, my neighbor came and opened my rice box, you know. ... When they opened the rice box, there was no rice at all [laughing]. She was quite astonish-astound, and she, you know, brought me some rice-not much, you know. She didn't have so much rice. And, you know, my neighbors and my members collected some rice, you know. ... But, you know, when people found out that I have a-a lot of rice [laughs], they come to the temple. So I gave it-gave my rice to them. And the more I gave my rice to them, the more I got the rice [laughs, laughter]. ...

    The Tassajara (California) food, you know, is wonderful, you know: strong and rich, in comparison to the food we had in the wartime. So I-I don't have any complaint about food. And, if you observe our way strictly, we will be-we are sure to be protected by Buddha. That is very true. We should-should trust people, and we should trust Buddha. ... ?seemore=y

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    Re: 5/14 - SHOBOGENZO-ZUIMONKI - 6-1 to 6-6

    It was the very first sentence that had the most impact on me in this weeks reading....

    If you have to concern yourself with criticism from others, you should consider the opinion of a person with clear eyes1.
    Perhaps I am taking this a bit differently than Dogen means it, but the statement made me think about how we judge our actions by how we think other people might perceive them. I catch myself often reflecting on how this or that action by me might be judged by others. We often fantasize in our mind how best to act and earn the approval of other people. Perhaps our yardstick should be " a person with clear eyes."


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    Re: 5/14 - SHOBOGENZO-ZUIMONKI - 6-1 to 6-6

    These six fragments were very enjoyable to read. All these reflections about poverty made think about my own lifestyle. I don't plan to move into poverty right now, but Dogen is right: the more stuff you are related to, the more possessions you have, the more your mind is entangled and less time to do zazen. I prefer to think about "simplicity" and not "poverty", and I think it is a good advice for me.

    On the other hand, I'm not sure how to interpret the last fragment.

    >An ancient person said, “Listen, see, attain.”

    >Further, “If you haven’t attained, see. If you haven’t yet seen, listen.”

    >He meant that seeing is superior to listening, attaining is superior to seeing. If you haven’t attained, you should see. If you haven’t seen, you should listen.

    I suppose that Dogen don't mean literally to see and to listen. After thinking for a while about this, my own interpretation would be this:
    "attain" would be to be enlightened, "see" would be to be able to be in touch with someone that is enlightened and "listen" to hear/read about people that was and is enlightened. What do you think? Does it make sense?



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