I thought this was pretty neat so decided to share. Past almost two months ( minus time out for being sick all last week and having severe tooth pain leading to a root canal a few weeks ago) I have been going to the gym. Part of that is some insta-zazen while excercising.

I upped my workout the other week and the treadmill was a bit excruciating after a bit. Calves hurt, legs starting to get sore.

So I instituted some zazen and noticed that I was not suffering so badly from the excercise. I was able to do as much time as I was hoping to and made it through the worst part. Pre-zazen I thought I was gonna have to stop early. couldn't see myself finishing it through to the end.

Stopped, followed my breath for a moment and just let it all go. The actual pain in my legs seemed to subside when I was not focused on them. Found it quite nifty.
Made me reflect some afterwards on the mental attachments we have making situations more difficult.

Shonin _/_