As promised, I've laid down a little Shobogenzo Zenki over at the Sit-a-Long, and I would appreciate folks to jump on stage and join in the musical madness. I think I will continue fooling with Zenki a couple of days, then transition into some Shoji. Taigu also said he would come in with some hot low down 'Genzo on Monday. ... more-16176

This time, I hope we can have the discussion and comments mostly over there, at Shambhala-Sun, instead of here at the Forum. It will make the editors there happy, which means they may keep Taigu and me around for awhile. That would be nice, and sorry if it is a little more inconvenient for ya a little. Let's get it going ... over there.

Zenki ... “The Whole Works”, this “Total Functioning,” the “Fully Enlivening All-Encompassing Complete Pivot Point Right Here” of our life.

Gassho, Jundo